Jumat, 05 Juli 2013

Obat Asam Lambung

Obat Asam LambungStomach acid drugs - those of you who are looking for drugs to treat diseases that you deritra gastric acid. then we offer treatment solutions with Herbs Jelly Gamat Gold-G. which the content in it is able to neutralize stomach acid.

Disease Stomach Acid is a pain in the gut is that at result from elevated levels of excess stomach acid in the stomach. This situation is caused by certain foods and beverages, such as eating foods that are too acidic, spicy, drink coffee or alcohol, often too late to eat or do not eat regularly can also be a cause of functional heartburn. In addition to excess stomach acid stomach can also be disrupted by the rise of bile from the duodenum to the stomach can even go up to the esophagus. Presence of bile that rises may cause the stomach to cause damage to the wall of the stomach. 
Obat Asam Lambung The existence of a slow gastric emptying and food contact resulted in gastric fluid for longer than usual and it is certainly going to cause stomach irritation.

According Prof.Dr.Hassan Yaakob 
Obat Asam Lambung , PhD from the University of Malaysia in a research mentions that sea cucumbers can increase endurance, reduce pain and itching on the skin surface, lowering blood sugar,Agen gamat  lowering cholesterol, shed toxic to the liver, lowers blood pressure, launched blood circulation, heal ulcers, and can cure chronic asthma. Besides sea cucumbers can also be used for material beauty treatments and wound healing for mothers after childbirth, because collagen protein content and high sea cucumbers.Obat Asam Lambung

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